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How you feel about your therapist is the most important indicator for success. In that Spirit, if either of us do not find that we are compatible I will HAPPILY help you find another resource or referral.
I have worked with all ages, orientations and family configurations.
I am grateful for any and all feedback.


I offer sessions in person either in my office or in some instances in your home (only after a first session outside the home, there may be an additional fee), by Skype or by phone. You can email me between sessions when there is something important you want brought up in our next session or as a point of information to help deepen my understanding of your situation. I will NOT necessarily answer them unless previously discussed.


A 55 minute session costs 175$ and can be paid in cash, cheque or by eTransfer. You will receive a receipt, by email, that can be used for Insurance purposes. Cancellations made 24hrs in advance will NOT be charged. In the event that I cannot make our session, you will be offered a FREE session. Cancellations by either party due to an emergency, illness or terrible weather will not be subject to penalty for either party.

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